About Us

Xposure is a sassy team of lateral, creative, strategic and innovative souls who have joined forces to provide clients with the tools they require to bring their business vision to reality. We are experts in social media, marketing, web design, business development, creative, branding and photography which means you get a boutique buffet at your disposal… and we work in a relaxed freelance environment which means no massive overheads… you invest purely in our services instead of financing our water cooler!

We don’t believe that a suit, tie, and textbook talk necessarily get results; we believe that creativity, strategy and the right influence of positive energy will see success for you and your business.


Except to obtain some advantage from it...

Industry expertise

We have worked on countless campaigns from small business to global empires.

Style and substance

We produce sassy, professional, creative service that aligns to your core values.

We are small and focused

Being a boutique agency enables us to focus on each project we undertake, allowing us to make creativity and quality our top priority. It also helps build stronger personal relationships with our clients which is often lost in large organizations.

The Jedis

These are the droids you are looking for...
Cindy LeBrun | Marketing | Social Media | Copywriting | Photography
Milena Mikic-Tyree | Graphic Design | Web | Social Media | Photography